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ETH Life - wissen was laeuft ETH Life - wissen was laeuft

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About: Technical realisation

The people responsible for the development of the new Content Management System (cf. "System") are:

Christian Jaeger
Overall concept and initialisation of project, message tool (concept and server implementation), virtual file system (Concept and C-programming), system and software installation and system administration, database layout, object and exception basis modules (Perl), head of system revision
Laurent Hoss
Site delivery (XSP-programming and tag libs), virtual file system (Perl-programming), editorial interface (parser in Perl), system (code) revision, import of previous system content, CD "Bits for Brains"
Chris Tarnutzer
Site formatting (XSLT-programming), system revision, editorial interface (backend, XSLT), server administration support
Khaled Singer
CD "Bits for Brains"
Cesar Keller
Live-site formatting (XSLT-programming), virtual file system (Perl-programming), import of previous system content, user database, AxKit provider and cache module
Philipp Suter
Backend (XSLT- und Taglib-programming)
Basil Achermann und Oliver Wyrsch,
Message client Macintosh
Daniel Jaeger
Message client Windows

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